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About Common Ground

Common Ground Inc. | Paradise Stables | Maryland, USA
Harness Lessons at COMMON GROUND INC

// Welcome to Common Ground at Paradise Stables.

We are a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization.

At Common Ground, we offer a tranquil and peaceful environment where you can leave all your "stuff" behind and be one with a horse.


Our experiences with horses provide opportunities for people to learn life skills, heal from trauma, reduce stress, become self-confident, and achieve an overall sense of accomplishment and well being through the experience of trusting their equine teacher. 

We proudly serve our beloved military, first responders, corporate professionals, and numerous groups, including Adults and Youth at-risk.  We are centrally located one-hour N of Washington, D.C and 45 minutes W of Baltimore, MD. 

About Our 501c(3)
Common Ground Inc. | Paradise Stables | Maryland, USA

Our Mission

Common Ground envisions a world where the healing connection between horses and humans is available to everyone, and all participants can learn how to problem solve and move forward in their own lives. We harness the powerful connection between horses and humans to teach, learn, grow, and heal.

Mission & Vision
Common Ground Inc. | Paradise Stables | Maryland, USA

// Founder

Elizabeth Tate

Elizabeth is a founder of Common Ground Inc. She holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology/Pastoral Counseling and she is a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. Elizabeth has successfully owned and operated many businesses over the years. However, her passion is Paradise Stables, LLC, a state of the art equine boarding stable she built 2006.


“Common Ground is the natural progression to my years of helping people in a more clinical setting. This program allows me to do what I love through horses”


Elizabeth is the Board of Directors President for Common Ground Inc.

Elizabeth Tate _ COMMON GROUND INC.jpg

// Founder

Joe London

Joe is a founder of Common Ground and has a lifetime of experience working as a horse trainer, athlete, and instructor. He was trained at Meredith Manor, and has been a world renowned Tennessee Walking Horse Champion for many years.


“It just felt right. Elizabeth asked me one evening, how can we use all of our gifts to help others…and with our collective knowledge we developed Common Ground!”


Joe is the Board of Directors Treasurer for Common Ground Inc.

// Development Director & BOD Secretary 

Angelica Driskell

Angelica has been a long standing volunteer for the Common Ground activities and has been an instrumental part in program development, marketing and achieving our nonprofit status.


"After my first time volunteering, I was hooked! I got as much out of the day as the participants. Horses are amazing creatures with the ability to transform lives. I've experienced it first hand and love sharing this special connection with others."


Angelica is the Development Director &  Board of Directors Secretary for Common Ground Inc.

Common Ground Inc. | Paradise Stables | Maryland, USA
Angelica Driskell _ Common Ground Inc. _ Paradise Stables _ Maryland, USA.jpg
Common Ground Inc. | Paradise Stables | Maryland, USA

Meet Our Horse Partners

Here at Common Ground, is where the remarkable connection between humans and horses leads to personal growth and transformation. Our horses are more than just animals; they are the guiding forces on your path to self-improvement. Get to know our exceptional team of equine teachers by clicking on their pictures below. Each horse has a unique story to share, and many of them are still seeking sponsorship to continue their vital work. Look for the "SPONSOR" button beneath their stories to support these incredible creatures on their mission.

Meet Our Horses
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