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Make A Difference

COMMON GROUND INC. at Paradise Stables
Make A Difference, Sponsor a Program: Common Ground at Paradise Stables

// Discover the Power of Changing Lives Through Sponsorship.

Why Donate?

Our mission is simple yet profound: to help our beloved military, first responders, and various groups, including at-risk individuals, learn, grow, and heal through the powerful connection between humans and horses. By donating to our program, you actively contribute to the realization of this mission, transforming lives in the process.

Harness the power of giving by donating to our unique programs where horses assist in transforming lives in our community!  

How Sponsorship Works

Make A Difference!

By making a donation you can sponsor a horse or a program! Either way, you will become an integral part of our healing community. Every donation dollar goes directly towards offering this transformative experience to those who otherwise would not have the means to attend. By contributing, you are not just sponsoring a horse or a program, you’re giving hope, healing, and life-changing growth to those who need it most - our beloved military, first responders, and at-risk individuals.. Every $100 helps by a bag of feed or will support one participant attending a one-day program.

A donation in any amount will make a difference and we are so grateful for your contribution! 



Why Donate to Common Ground?

“I have experienced Common Ground from two entirely different perspectives. First, as a participant and the experience was as penetrating as a horse’s eyes. If you are open and willing to trust, you can forge a connection that can be life changing. I carry that bond with me every day. Second, I refer veterans to Common Ground that spend time at our Warrior Call Ranch. Those experiences, for all participants, have been impactful and lasting. I believe Common Ground is truly Remarkable Ground.”

- Rick Kell, CEO Troops First Foundation

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